Advance Procedure to Consider in VIP Baccarat Game

Do you know what game that more exciting than baccarat game? Yes, VIP baccarat game. This game still has the same way of playing as ordinary baccarat game but with several special things. What are they? Let’s learn the advance procedure to consider in VIP baccarat game.

Advance Procedure to Consider in VIP Baccarat Game

  • The Difference between Ordinary and VIP Baccarat game

As you know, ordinary baccarat game has so many varieties but basically they are the same. You should choose which card that has bigger value, banker or player hand. You also can choose tie bet if you want, but it is not recommended at all since the house edge is so high. It will make you disadvantage.

If you cannot take a peek in ordinary baccarat, you can do it in VIP baccarat. This kind of baccarat game does not only use one of card in each hand. Some of them use two, some use three or more, so you should count for each hand. You can peek one card for each hand and then make your prediction. Remember, you should total the cards and then choose which one has bigger value.

The rest procedures are not that different with the ordinary one. So after you taking a peek one card of each hand, you can start counting and placing the bet. Then the dealer will open the cards one by one, to make you more excited, and open the last card so you can see your winning.

Advance Procedure to Consider in VIP Baccarat Game
Advance Procedure to Consider in VIP Baccarat Game
  • How to Make It in Your Advantage

If you think that that way of VIP baccarat game is useful, you are in the right way. You can make it in your side. You should not pass your chance in taking a peek on a card, then start counting the total amount of card.

It will be a little bit tricky since the next card can be anything from ace until king. However, if you can watch the game from the very beginning, you can start to count the cards left and predict a little bit more accurate.

If you have a big amount of money in your bank account, it will be okay to place a bet in a big amount of money. VIP baccarat is famous of its high limit of bet. It is twice bigger than ordinary baccarat. Have fun with your money is never false.

As a gentle reminder, you should place a bet in a small amount if you have limited amount of money, because it is safer for you that if you lose, you will not lose that big amount of money. Besides, you will get a big hit since VIP baccarat is well known of a big amount of payment that you can get.

So, if you can find VIP baccarat game, would you still choose the ordinary one? It will give you more advantage and big hit of course by learning advance procedure to consider in VIP baccarat game. The exciting game and more fun will be yours. Just turn on your computer or smartphone and you start to have them all. Happy betting!

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